Measuring wellbeing in the 21st century

In light of today's global challenges and the current economic turmoil, and given its manifold positive outcomes at all levels, measuring citizens' wellbeing and quality of life have become essential to policy-making, where the rigorous development of meaningful indicators thus becomes imperative. In this sense, the ICSA is working in a large European project to establish a new framework in this area of knowledge.


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“What makes people happy? Are there universal factors that determine life satisfaction and how can we measure wellbeing? What are desirable outcomes both at micro and macro levels? Is putting constituencies’ wellbeing at the heart of policy-making a political utopia or a necessary paradigm shift?”

International Partners & Projects

Right now the ICSA is working and searching new partners for the establishment of agreements for the implementation of international projects, if you want our team will advise and evaluate your pre-project or idea, please send us a mail to ICSA International Projects or call 902 113792, consider the deadline for each area.

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